Peaceful Morning (Day 16)

Unusually, I don’t have a lot of words this morning, so I will share pictures instead. 

It was a calm, peaceful morning; the sun warming the city in the distance. 

I swam with Kim. You can see her front crawling under a dramatic display of clouds.

We ran into Colleen. 

Hi Colleen!

Today was one of those days that the water felt silky soft. I tried to capture the feeling with the pictures I was taking, but I don’t think I succeeded.

I ended with a relaxing float; eyes zoning out into the pattern of clouds above me. 

One thought on “Peaceful Morning (Day 16)

  1. I think you did manage to get the silky feeling of the water in your pictures, somedays the calm of the clouds and the meditation of swimming says it all, no words necessary.


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