You can do hard things (Day 19)

“You can do hard things.”

This is what my Lift and Sprint coach, Amy, is always saying. When I first heard it, my response (in my head) was, “Sure, you can do them, but why?” For most of my life when something would get physically difficult or uncomfortable, I’d find an easier option. I’m a big fan of comfort. 

Winter swimming is changing my mind. 

Today felt especially cold. Angie and I headed to the bulb late morning. It was socked in; a quiet fog hung over everything. As we walked down to the water’s edge in our bathing suits, the damp air felt cold enough, getting into the water seemed crazy. 

“It’s so hard,” said Angie. “Why do we do it?”

“We can do hard things,” I said, mimicking Amy. I wasn’t sure I meant it. I felt Angie’s doubt. Was this really necessary? 

I stumbled upon this amazing cross stitch on Facebook and the creator, Jess Ann, generously agreed to let me use the image here. You can get it on a T-shirt! Check it out here.

It was COLD. My wrists felt enshrined in icy handcuffs after the first few seconds; a stabbing pain shot down my neck. But a couple of minutes later I felt exhilarated.

For all of my love of comfort and ease, I’m not sure it’s ever given me the same kind of exhilaration. 

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