It’s Fun to Swim at the YMCA (Day 24)

It’s a gorgeous sunny day and the bay was calling me, but for a variety of reasons, it needed to be a pool day. 

In December, my daughter, Hazel, started working as a lifeguard at the downtown Berkeley Y. So of course I immediately reactivated my membership. I told myself it was practical given my year of swimming—I would need a reliable pool option. But mostly I just loved the idea of being guarded by Hazel, of seeing her in action at work. Mostly I’m just proud of her and relished the thought of basking in the glow of that feeling. 

Covid protocols at the Y require preregistration for forty-minute lap swimming slots and today I signed up for the last one so I could drive Hazel home after her shift. I spent too much time chatting with her and then getting dressed and my forty-minute time slot turned into twenty minutes. I made the most of it, though; put my head down and did nothing but breathe and pull and kick and flip, back and forth, back and forth. In a warm pool, I can swim harder than it’s possible to do in the cold where my freezing muscles eventually get clumsy and breathing is labored from the start. 

As it’s turned out, I’m not swimming at the Y very often. In fact, I’ve only swum there three times since I reactivated my membership. On the day of the tsunami, I tried to swim there only to discover they close early on Saturdays (and aren’t open at all on Sundays). The Covid-necessitated shortened hours along with the fact that the sauna and steam rooms aren’t opened (also Covid) makes the whole prospect of the Y less appealing.

And I’ve got plenty of other pool options here in the East Bay. They may not have the superior lifeguard staff of the Y, but they are convenient and affordable. So, I’m giving up my Y membership again. Today was my last swim there while Hazel was working. I’m happy to say I didn’t need rescuing, but I felt very safe under her watchful eye. 

One thought on “It’s Fun to Swim at the YMCA (Day 24)

  1. Lovely blog on the reality
    Of juggling it all and always looking for the silver
    Lining in any situation … hazel was your beacon today


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