Celebrating Nice People (Day 43)

We celebrated Colleen and Marcia’s birthdays today down at the bulb. 

Albany Bulb Swimming Icons Colleen and Marcia

First with a swim. Loads of people plunged into the water this morning; the unseasonably warm weather, the opportunity to celebrate nice people, the joy of a Saturday swim. The water continues to feel refreshingly cold yet balmy for this time of year. I’m finding that the opportunity to swim longer and farther is highlighting the fact that I’m not in very good shape, despite my daily swims. Last summer I’d count my strokes and get well past a hundred before I was suddenly compelled to stop for a chat or a little look around (AKA catch my breath). Now I feel the need to stop after half that many strokes. Maybe it’s harder to breathe in the colder water of February? Whatever the reason, I’m not worried about it; it’s just something I’m noticing. I enjoy swimming harder and I enjoy floating and chatting. It’s all pretty much wonderful.

After swimming, there were treats and celebrating galore. Edy made crowns, Kira made gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, someone made incredible jam, people brought pastries, Angie brought coffee. It was festive and joyful and reminded me yet again how happy I am to be a part of this community of swimmers. Locally and further afield, I am constantly struck by what good company all of these swimmers are. Maybe it’s that we are interacting after doing a thing we all love. In any case, it was a lovely start to the weekend. 

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