Windy and Wavy (Day 46)

It was an early swim with Angie, Sheila, and Colleen at the bulb. A cold wind was whipping as we arrived; making the view dazzling, but the prospect of getting in the water daunting. 

I said several times over this last warm week that I missed the cold water and I got it back today! I plunged in quickly because the wind meant it was colder out than in, but only just. The cold shock was back; wrists ached. But then, after a few minutes, that delicious tingly skin and warm liquid core feeling took over and I remembered why I missed the colder water.

It was another wild, wavy day. Not quite as bouncy as yesterday, but the bay was full of energy and chaos this morning. I tossed and turned and swallowed lots of water. Hours later I still feel like I’m bobbing up and down.

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