Getting In (Day 66)

I’m writing this from my comfy chair in a pool of sunshine I have not been able to extract myself from since returning from my swim two hours ago. I’m still wearing my after swim clothes and dry robe; my skin is begging me to get up and take a shower, rinse away the salt and soothe on some lotion. I’m desperate for a glass of water; maybe that will be the thing to pull me from my post-swim stupor. 

My water glass is just across the room.

Usually, I’m energized by swimming in the cold water of the bay, but occasionally, like today, it’s utterly depleting. Maybe it was the bucket of briny water I inadvertently swallowed? 

Arwen looking like she’s got something up her sleeve

Arwen and I met at the Berkeley Marina for a mid-day swim under spectacular blue skies with wispy white clouds swirling into playful patterns. It was windy and sunny and clear and we contemplated the water from the comfort of the dock for a long time before finally getting in.

Unless it’s low tide, the entrance for the Marina swim is to plunge in off the dock, which is more daunting than our usual slow immersion on the sandy beach of the Albany Bulb. Also, there’s something about a sunny day that makes me more resistant to getting into cold water. It seems like it should be easier, but it’s not. The warmth of the sun pins me in place, unwilling to disturb my current state of comfort.

Eventually, we got in, of course. And, unsurprisingly, it was lovely. We had a leisurely swim out to HS Lordships where we took in the majesty of the bridges, the city, all glinting in the clear bright day. 

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