Solo Swim (Day 75)

All traces of yesterday’s storm were gone this morning, except for the flotsam and jetsam bobbing around on top of the water. The air quality wasn’t looking great; a murky brown haze clung to the city when I arrived at the Albany Bulb.

But the water was luxuriously flat; silky ribbons of silver, green and blue rippling up and down the bay. I was solo this morning for the first time in a while and I wasn’t sure how I felt. Nerves jangled around in my belly as I considered a list of things that could go wrong. But once I was in, the worries dissolved. The familiar water of the Albany Bulb buoyed and revived me as it always does.

Also, I wasn’t really alone. The orange floaties of the 8 am swimmers winked in the distance; arms reached for the sky and then disappeared, reached and disappeared, and I recognized Kauchik’s distinct butterfly stroke. Behind me, a group of paddle boarders glided along on the glassy surface.

The alone-but-not-alone feeling was lovely; it felt like an opportunity to marinate in the quiet beauty of the warm morning from the safety of a comfortable, little cocoon.  

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