Dramatic Sky (Day 78)

We arrived at the bulb before sunrise in hopes of repeating the magical full moonset/sunrise swim from last month.

The sky had other plans for us.

Dramatic plumes of clouds greeted us: gray on gray, light on dark, swirling and changing moment to moment. Sheila, Arwen, and I were swimming this morning and we didn’t want to put our heads down lest we miss a moment of the drama unfolding in the sky above us.

The water roiled gently under and around us; in one direction it was metallic green, seemingly lit from below; and in the other, it looked like rivers of gold.

We sang songs about rain in hopes of inspiring a downpour, but alas, the clouds held onto their bounty until we were dressed and ready to leave. We had a brief moment where we considered undressing and going back in, but it was too cold so we enjoyed the (too brief) rainfall from the beach.

3 thoughts on “Dramatic Sky (Day 78)

  1. I struggled to find words to describe the cloud concert we had this morning. It really was a 100 shades of gray. I love how you describe it, the plumes and drama unfolding and love this adventure of swimming with you and then reliving it through your words. It was curious how when it finally rained in Richmond, at least, the sky had flattened out, one, flat gray sky

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