Beautiful Saturday (Day 85)

It was a beautiful Saturday morning at the Albany Bulb with the usual festiveness of lots of swimmers, lots of dogs playing on the beach, and people walking. Kim, Arwen, Angie, Colleen, Kaushik, and I all plunged in together. I ran into my friend, Andrea, on the way in and she took this picture of us.

She also took this video, which I love, because it captures the way we always whoop and yodel our way into the water. A little less so now that it’s warmer (vocalizing genuinely makes immersing in cold water easier), but this is our usual exuberant kick-off and it’s one of my favorite parts of the swim. 

 The water was lovely, just wavy enough to be fun. I did some solid swimming again and I love the way the waves push me around a little as I swim, the rolling motion, the up and down. I can still feel it as I sit here writing this. 

I must have pressed some filter on my phone as I was taking pictures through the waterproof case, because I captured some wild colors this morning.

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