Chatting (Day 89)

It was cold and blustery this morning, windy and gray. I met Charlotte down at the bulb a bit on the later side because I had a dentist appointment. We had a chatty swim; so caught up in the woes of the world that I didn’t pay as close attention to the experience of swimming as I usually do.

As I’ve mentioned here before, Charlotte and I walk once a week and it’s more like a mutual therapy session than exercise. With her joining me for a swim on Wednesdays it’s as if we added a day to our mental health regime. I didn’t even remember to take pictures until we were well on our way back.

The water was energetic, but not as choppy as I thought it was going to be. The temperature chilly, rather than cold. The experience of getting out and into the wind was more difficult than getting in. 

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