Moonset (Day 107)

I felt so normal, so like myself, last night that I was sure COVID had left my body. Excited at the prospect of getting to swim with a gang in the morning, I took a COVID test to be sure.

It was positive. 

I was still feeling the disappointment when I woke up this morning and did not relish the prospect of dragging my lonely self out to the empty beach for another solo swim.

Then I remembered the full moon! It was actually full yesterday, but those dramatic clouds prevented me from seeing it. This morning was clear and the moon was still nearly full. I checked and saw it would be setting at 7:09, which meant it would be in prime viewing position for my early swim.

That put some joy back into my morning and I hurried down to the Albany Bulb where I had a beautiful, full-moon basking swim in an incredibly low tide.

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