Emily At Sea (Day 127)

My friend, Emily, and her kid, Gabi, are staying with us for the weekend as we all attend and volunteer at the Bay Area Book Festival. Emily and I met at Lit Camp several years ago and pre-pandemic we’d often meet up to write together; lovely afternoons where very little writing ever got done. I was looking forward to a weekend together and, without much expectation, I mentioned that she ought to pack a swimsuit. Much to my delight, she did!

We went out early with Gabi and Lulu-the-dog. Emily doesn’t normally make a habit of swimming, but she got right in and it didn’t take long before she felt the invigorating joy of swimming in the bay. 

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful morning to show off my world of swimming at the Albany Bulb: The sun was shining, a light wind ruffled the water while gray, white, and lavender clouds stretched into shapes in the brilliant blue sky. The city shimmered in the distance, clear and vivid.  

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