Clear (Day 130)

The wind has been fierce these last few days; picking up in the afternoon and blowing relentlessly into the night. It’s wild and blustery but it makes for some truly spectacular views.

Arriving at the Albany Bulb this morning, San Francisco seemed so close you could toss a rock over the Golden Gate Bridge. The sun was reaching down its warm rays, seeping under my skin, and making it difficult to get in. 

But, after lollygagging on shore for quite a while, Angie, Sheila, and I jumped into the cool, fresh water.  The waves lapped and rolled me gently along as I swam more rigorously than I have in a little bit. My lips puckered with salt as my muscles stretched and pulled through the water. I was happy to see my old friend, The Big Tree, again.

Of course, I still stopped for my chats with Sheila and Angie.

And to try and capture the majestic swoops of the pelicans. 

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