Energy (Day 132)

Today’s swim felt especially glorious. I’m not sure why. When Angie, Sheila, and I were getting reading to jump in, a cold wind blew and every cell in my body told me to turn around, climb back into the car, and put my warm clothes back on. I rubbed my bare arms, hopped up and down, and said, “Why is it still so hard to get in after 131 days of doing this?” 

But, like every other of the last 131 days, I did get in and it felt wonderful. Better than ever. The water was fresh and cool in the best possible way. It seemed to flush away all of the stress that I woke up shouldering (for no good reason). It made me think of one of those relaxation exercises where you scan your body, letting go of tension in each muscle, each separate body part. Except here, as I was letting go of the tension, I was refilling each part of myself with energy. 

Angie and Sheila debating the location of the big tree

We chatted and bobbed for a little while, relishing the fabulousness of the water (seriously, it was like it was infused with magical healing ions this morning). Then we put our heads down and swam. Heart pumping, muscles working, I worked hard and felt great. Hours later I am still buzzing with energy.

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