Forgetfulness (Day 143)

I forgot to write about today’s swim (I am writing this the next day). I’ve failed to write before—when I’ve swum very late in the day, been traveling, or unusually busy—but this was the first time I’ve ever forgotten completely. I’ve been forgetting a lot of things these days: perimenopause? Post-Covid brain? Stress? Fortunately, some recent research from the Dementia Research Institute at the University of Cambridge indicates that cold water swimming might slow age-related cognitive decline, so I’m on the right track if I’m losing my marbles!

Not that the water has been very cold. This morning’s was an early swim with Colleen and even before the sun had climbed over the hills, the day was balmy, the water a cool 67 degrees. We were both tired from our long swims at the weekend, followed by a 3-mile paddle in high wind on Sunday, and so we took it easy today. 

It would have been a good day for pictures, but my waterproof case began to leak and so I stuck my phone in Colleen’s drybag and glided, floated, and chatted my way to The Big Tree.

As we got out we both agreed it was the perfect way to start a Monday morning.

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