Swimming and Talking (Day 145)

We are into our second (third?) week of heat and when I stepped out my front door this morning, I couldn’t believe how hot it already was. Get me to the water, I thought. But, surprisingly, it was kind of cool down at the bulb. A brisk wind blew in from the ocean and the bay was raucous and choppy.

I met up with Gabe today. It had been a while since we’d swum together and there was lots of catching up to do so it was a head-up chatting kind of a swim.

Out in the middle of the bay, talking comes easier and god knows there are plenty of problems in the world right now; no shortage of important things to work through. Despite all the talking, we swam out to The Big Tree.

The water was as warm as it’s been yet (69!) and, though it was a bit trashy and gross close to shore, it felt cleaner as we swam out. The wind continued to blow and the waves were big; a slow rolling kind of big; waves that were fun to frolic in on the way out and which surfed us back in on our return.  

Also, as may be obvious from all the pictures: I got a new phone case. Yay for taking pictures again! And videos:

2 thoughts on “Swimming and Talking (Day 145)

  1. Jenny! Great seeing you for swims lately! Any chance you can email me your round Albany Bulb shot? I am working on a screenplay and part of it is set at Albany Bulb! And the protagonist is a bay swimmer in her senior year of high school. Ok to give Jewels a blogger kind of profile and possibly use your footage? Thanks, Shantee


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