Writing (Day 149)

Writing about swimming every day is hard. The repetitiveness of so many of my swims makes it harder: Could there possibly be anything else to say about swimming at the Albany Bulb? 

Today, Angie and I swam at the bulb. We were a little late and the 8 o’clock swimmers were already in, so we set out on our own, but swam pretty hard as if we were with the 8 o’clock swimmers and made it to The Point. The water was a lovely 63 degrees and energetic without being too rough or wavy. Blue skies and clean air made everything crisp and vivid; San Francisco shone in the distance.

It was a swim like a dozen others before. While I was swimming, it felt fresh and novel and the furthest thing from boring, but writing something new about the experience feels hard. 

Even though it’s hard, maybe because it’s hard, writing about my swims is turning out to be the more valuable part of this journey. For one thing, it’s a tiny win in my daily battle to churn out words. When a project isn’t going well or I’m struggling to find the motivation to sit my butt in the chair and do the work, the blog post is something to celebrate; a concrete accomplishment. 

It’s also pushing me as a writer to think about new ways to describe the same basic activity. Finding a unique angle into a repeating story; fresh vocabulary for the recurring elements of temperature, weather, and movement. 

One thought on “Writing (Day 149)

  1. Have you touched upon the smells yet? Smells are so hard for me to describe, But there’s always the watermelon candy smell that often baffles us when swimming.


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