Peanut Island (Day 198)

I swam to peanut island today with Kevin as my kayak spotter.

Our first summers at the lake, Peanut Island (which we called Picnic Island) was a regular destination for our little family. It’s not very far away and it’s not very big, but when the kids were little it felt like a destination. We’d bring lunch and paddle over in the canoe and Hazel and Eliza would play for hours, the tiny little island transforming into an enchanted kingdom for their never-ending games of make-believe. I can still remember the first time we decided to swim back from the island: It seemed so far, such an accomplishment.

Hazel & Eliza 2007

Now we know its real name and it doesn’t seem very far away, but it’s still a beloved destination. There are too many motor boats and Seados that blaze around our bay to safely swim there on my own, but now that Kevin has arrived I have a willing kayaker.  

It is a gorgeous, sunny day with dramatic cloud structures and a pleasant, light breeze. I wasn’t sure I felt like swimming when I set off—feeling a bit lazy after yesterday’s race—but once I got going, it felt great. 

The water felt warm and cold, then warm again; clean and refreshing.

3 thoughts on “Peanut Island (Day 198)

  1. Your beautiful photo of Picnic Island brought back many pleasant memories of our extended family gathering at La Louisa many years ago.Was it 2007? The photo of Eliza and Hazel in 2007 also was amazing, revealing what they were like just 15 years ago, but in no way predicting the wonderful young women they have both become.

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