The Neighborhood (Day 205)

It’s possible that this Sunday felt even lazier than the last. I was lolling around, reading, doing a bit of laundry, not even mustering up the energy to wonder where I was going to swim when Hazel and Sam announced they were going for a swim.

“I’ll come with you!” I said.

They kindly agreed and Kevin decided to join us in the kayak. We started with some underwater antics and falling around with video.

Then we swam around the point toward Twin Island, running into Sue and Jeff along the way. Kevin and I stopped to chat for a bit and by the time we finished, Hazel and Sam had gotten sidetracked by a Maui mat. So we continued on to Twin Island without them.

As the name implies, Twin Island is two islands side by side and when Kevin kayaked through the middle, I decided to follow. The water got shallower and shallower until it was no more than an inch deep; rocks and mucky, mulchy lake-bottom right under my nose. I finally had to get out and trudge through the slippery slime until I was through to the other side, back into deeper water.  

We headed back toward our bay, stopping to chat with more neighbors along the way. I lost Kevin to that gang and carried on the last bit home by myself. 

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