Swim and a Sauna (Day 226)

Sheila, Arwen, Angie, and I had a swift swim at Keller Beach and then soaked in a sauna. Keller was quiet when we arrived; the tide was low so our swim started with a slog through the muck and eel grass, but then it felt great. The temperature seemed cooler this morning; not yet cold, but hinting at it. 

After our swim, we marinated in a sauna.

Good Hot rents out saunas for 1.5-hour slots in the industrial strangeness that is the far reaches of Point San Pablo. We had hoped to sauna and dip, but the tide was too low and the water pretty uninviting (though Sheila and Arwen did manage a quick immersion). Instead, we used their outdoor showers to cool off between bouts in the heat. 

It was a nice morning and we all agreed that coming back in the evening, at high tide, and when the water is colder, is a wonderful idea. 

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