Black-and-White (Day 231)

My photos from today look like they were taken with black and white film; except for this first one where the colorful buoys and hats of the 8 o’clock swimmers are bright against the gray.

It was a gray and blustery morning; stripping down to my bathing suit and plunging into the water was uninviting, but the big crowd helped. Once in, the waves kept things fun.

As always when I’m swimming with the 8 o’clocks, I had to work to keep up; even more so today with the waves tossing me this way and that, lifting me up and down. But I love it; I love the chaotic surf and the spluttering momentum. My goggles fogged so the world outside the water seemed a gray monochrome as I swam along, but then when I stopped to take some pictures, I saw that all was a gray monochrome even without the foggy goggles.

What the scene lacked in color, it made up for in texture; the wind rippling the surface of the water, the waves in constant motion, the clouds thick in the sky. 

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