Wild Ride (Day 233)

Whitecaps and waves and a glistening clear view of the city after days of haze greeted me at the Albany Bulb today, telling me it was going to be a wild, wavy swim.

It was.

I headed out with the 8 o’clock crew, finding some folks at my pace and sticking close to them. Somehow in such chaotic water, it feels better to have my eye on someone’s bright cap or bubble whenever I lift my head to breathe. The waves were big; sometimes fully crashing over my head. There were a few moments where I wondered if I should be worried about them, but mostly I just had fun and let them toss me around like a stray sock in the washing machine.

Marcia stopped at one point to check in with me and make sure I wasn’t getting overwhelmed by the chop and I felt grateful to be a part of a swimming group that looks out for each other.

I felt grateful again when, after the swim, we were treated to some delicious eggs and bacon cups made by one swimmer and homemade crackers and goat cheese from another. Also, for the third day in a row the seal was apparently swimming with us, but, lucky for me, I haven’t once noticed. Those choppy waters and the fact that I don’t have time to look around when I’m swimming with the 8 o’clocks are working in my favor!

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