Drinking in the Bay (Day 237)

If I’m going to get sick from this red tide, today will be the day it happens: I swallowed and/or inhaled so much water my lips are puckered. I swam with the 8 o’clock swimmers today; this time dragging Angie and Kim along with me. Gray skies with glimpses of the city greeted us, along with lots of birds taking advantage of the low tides.

The bay was bumpy and wavy and though I’ve swum in wavier waters (earlier this week, for example), there was something about the height or frequency or angle of today’s waves: I just couldn’t stop taking in mouthfuls. 

Nevertheless, it was a good swim (and as of this writing almost 12 hours later, I’m feeling fine). By the time we came out, San Francisco had fully emerged from the fog. And another beautiful day was afoot.

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