Clearer Waters (Day 243 & 244)

While I’m swimming there always comes a point where I start to think about what I will write in my blog that day. Today I thought, I’m going to combine yesterday and today into one blog. Then I thought, You can’t do that! It’s cheating! And then I realized that this whole daily blogging and swimming adventure is just a weird product of my imagination, and the only rules are the ones I choose and if I choose to do two blogs in one, I can go ahead and do that! 

So here we are. Yesterday I forgot to blog. Some days I run out of time or can’t muster up the words, but yesterday I just flat out forgot. Then, this morning, I forgot to bring my phone to the beach, which meant I had no way to take pictures. So, in this post we’ve got yesterday’s photos and the report on my last two swims. 

Yesterday, Sheila and I met at Aquatic Park in San Francisco. We had a refreshing swim in clear water that made us giddy with joy. There was a strong current inside the protected bay of the park and it took us nearly 25 minutes to swim across it in one direction and then a quick ten minutes back. 

This morning, Sheila and I met up again. This time we joined the 8 o’clock swimmers. Sheila wore her flippers and she was fast. I had to push myself to keep up with her, Marcia, Billie, and Joan. Actually, there was no keeping up, but I managed to not fall too far behind by working my butt off. It was just as well I didn’t have my phone because there was no time to stop and take pictures. We swam for a solid hour and I felt great. 

But the best news about today’s swim was, like yesterday: The water is clearer! It was slightly mucky in the shallows and there were some dead fish smells early on (I’ve unlocked a new open water swimming fear: running into a dead fish), but once we got further out, it was a clear and glorious green I haven’t seen in weeks. Hallelujah.

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