Peaceful Waters (Day 249)

It’s the day after Labor Day; the day that should be the first day of school; the day that will always feel like the first day of school to me. Today is the day that says: summer is over, get your shit together.

So, with the intention of setting myself up for a productive day, I got to the Albany Bulb early. Colleen, Kaushik, and Dana were all there for a 7 am swim.

Remnants of sunrise lingered in the sky, tinging the clouds pink. The calm water held on to its early morning glow. On days like this, the bay is like a bowl of liquid silver and gold. 

The water was silky warm and the clouds were wildly beautiful. Between these distractions and the fact that Dana, Kaushik, and Colleen usually swim faster than me, I thought, maybe I’ll just bask in slowness this morning, soak in the beauty, and take lots of pictures.

Then the seal popped its head up to say hello and I changed my mind fast. Swimming alone with the seal is more than my anxiety will allow for. So I kept up with the pod and admired the views glimpsed as I side-breathed and whenever we stopped. 

It was a beautiful swim and it did its job of launching me into the day with enthusiasm.

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