Swimming, Food, and Community (Day 254)

It was Wendy’s (one of the regular 8 o’clock swimmers) last day today and a big crowd showed up to see her off.

The conditions were lovely—one of those days when I arrive at the Albany Bulb and am immediately shot through with gratitude that I get to swim here. Silky calm water and overcast, but warm skies. 

Angie and I stuck together, following the line of bright buoys out to the middle of the Bulb bay where we all stopped for some pictures and synchronized swimming shenanigans. 

We might have kept going for another long swim—the water was perfect for it—but the promise of delicious treats called us back to shore. Coffee, cakes, cookies, egg dishes, fruit; the offerings were plentiful and yummy.

We ate and chatted. We were even gifted beautiful pelican mugs by the talented swimmer/ceramicist, Margaret.

Standing around enjoying the bounty, I was shot through with another dose of gratitude to be a part of such a fun, kind, generous, and joyful swimming community.

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