Slapped Around (Day 256)

The wind was whipping as Angie and I arrived at the Albany Bulb this morning; white caps dotted the bay and waves churned to the shore. We reluctantly unlayered and made our way to the water.

I jumped in fast, even though I didn’t really want to. The morning felt like a good practice for Alcatraz and having to get into cold water fast is one of the things about the swim that I’m worried about.

Not that today’s water was cold—68 degrees and it felt balmier in the midst of the cold wind. It was one of those days where it’s warmer inside the water than out. We swam down the middle, theoretically with the 8 o’clocks, but in all of that surf we quickly became separated and Angie, myself, and a speedy swimmer named Tonya stuck together. Or rather, she sped ahead and we followed along behind her bright cap and buoy. Periodically she’d stop and we’d catch her and all marvel at the choppy conditions.

The waves were chaotic, pushing me this way and that, slapping me in the face. It took us a long time to get out to the big tree.

Returning was easier; the waves pushed me along mostly, but occasionally they’d also pull me back or toss me around. It was a wild ride this morning.  

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