Rainbows and Pelicans (Day 261)

Colleen and I met for a 7:00 AM swim at the bulb in order to beat the rain, or rather, the runoff of pollution from the streets into the bay that occurs with the first rain. It was supposed to start raining around 6 and we figured if we got in by 7 we’d be safe. As it turned out, the rain hadn’t really started yet by the time we got there. It was nothing but moody, dark clouds and spectacular color.

Margaret joined us and we had a lovely swim straight out toward the storm in water that felt warm and glowed green in the strange morning light. It was wildly beautiful with several squadrons of pelicans swooping in low right over our heads as they fished for their breakfast. Of course, I didn’t have my phone to take pictures. My swim gear is still in disarray near my front door after yesterday’s swim and I forgot my buoy to which my waterproof phone case is attached. I suppose there is a lesson in it; just soak in the spectacle of a morning like this, live in the moment, don’t try to capture it… But I wanted my camera.

So, after we swam back to shore Colleen and I grabbed our phones and then waded back in to take some pictures.

By then a couple of rainbows had appeared in the sky and a huge squadron of pelicans flew in from the mudflats, their wings catching the light as they passed by the point, which was lit up as if from a spotlight. It was such a beautiful morning we didn’t want to get out of the water.

Even after we were all dressed and ready to go home we nearly stripped back into our suits because the skies finally opened up and a glorious ran fell. 

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