Sunset & Moonrise (Day 279)

Tonight Arwen and I joined a group at Keller Beach for a sunset, (nearly) full-moon rise swim. It was a perfect night for it; warm and clear, with gentle, calm water. Besides Arwen and Kira, most of the swimmers were new to me and it was lovely to meet so many other members of this extended open-water swimming community that thrives in the East Bay. 

Arwen and I alternated between swimming, chatting, and simply luxuriating in the beautiful waters under stunning skies. I couldn’t help stopping constantly to take pictures because each time I lifted my head to breathe, the sunset was even more spectacular than it had been the time before. I took many many pictures. 

Kevin joined us onshore and took lots of pictures, too.

Afterward, we gathered for some yummy snacks and camaraderie until the last of the light leaked from the sky. 

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