Halloween (Day 304)

For Halloween Arwen and I dressed up like wild swimmers and jumped into the bay at the Berkeley Marina at sunset.

The water was 60 degrees, filled with the light of the fading day and the energy of the coming storm. Our goal was to get out to HS. Lordships before the sun dipped below the horizon and it was a good motivation: As I swam along the gold seemed to glow brighter and brighter and I swam faster, hoping not to miss it.

When we turned the corner we saw we had just a few minutes to spare before it sunk into a bank of fog over the city.

We could see the feet of the Golden Gate Bridge below the fog and might’ve had a second chance to watch the sun set, but it was too cold to stay there for long. The waves were fun and we frolicked for a little while and then swam back to the dock.

The tide was going out and so it was a little harder heading back, but the clouds kept getting pinker and the bay more full of light and it kept me churning along.  

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