Solo Swim in the Dark (Day 308)

I’m writing this from Portland, Oregon, but I started the day with a solo swim at the Albany Bulb in the darkness of morning.

It’s a little spooky being alone at the bulb in the dark, but once I was in the water, I felt safely invisible. It was as cold as yesterday (54), but even after one day, it felt easier to get used to. Since I was alone, I stuck close to the shore.

I swam back and forth as light began to seep into the water and sky. By the time I got out, Colleen and Kira were getting in and the clouds were turning pink.

After my swim, I went home, packed up the car, and hit the road. Ten-plus hours and one amazing audiobook (Thrust by Lidia Yuknavitch) later, I’m sitting in my niece Audrey’s apartment in rainy Portland trying to write this blog with a mushy brain. 

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