Ogden Point Breakwater (Day 311)

It was rainy and cold this morning and I wasn’t especially excited by the prospect of getting into freezing water, but I was happy to join the Cold Water Addicts again at their usual swim spot: Ogden Point Breakwater. Even better, Kevin was joining me this morning (not to swim) and I was looking forward to introducing him to the Victoria swimming crowd. So with those motivating factors, we made our way through the cold, gray morning and down to the rocky beach at the breakwater. 

Water and sky were in a dramatic dance of swooping clouds and moody colors. Making my way across the stones and into the water, I was once again struck by the incredible clarity of the water.

The cold felt colder today; though my thermometer registered 48 degrees again. The air was definitely colder, though. A bitter wind blew periodically (it’s snowing as I’m writing this later in the afternoon!). 

Soon, though, I was feeling wonderful; warm inside, numb outside, and I enjoyed a short swim, soaking in the beautiful surroundings. 

Afterward, Kevin and I drove back to our rental along the coast, stopping to take pictures along the way. Then we picked up Eliza and went to Goldstream Provincial Park to see the salmon run, which was amazing.

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