Sunshine and Bagpipes (Day 317)

The Berkeley half marathon is on today and the streets are closed in confusing ways that none of us felt like dealing with so we opted for a midday swim. Kim, Tiana, Angie, Sheila, and I all met up at the Albany Bulb in the bright sunshine. It was a glorious day. The sky was clear and deeply blue, the air was warm. The water sparkled like it was filled with diamonds and clocked in at a refreshing 55 degrees.

Tiana and Kim were in their full wetsuits, so they swam ahead while Sheila, Angie, and I tagged along behind.

The sound of the bagpipes drifted in on the warm breeze. Now we know that that lovely sound is coming from Tim, the octogenarian, retired librarian, bagpipe-playing inspiration who comes down to the bulb every day to play. It was a lovely accompaniment to our swim today. 

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