Drizzly (Day 337)

It was lightly drizzling when I woke up this morning and I wasn’t sure whether swimming in the bay was the right thing to do. Technically, we are advised to stay away for 72 hours after the first big rain to let the runoff from the streets flush out with the tides. It hasn’t been 72 hours, but I really wanted to swim in the bay. A flurry of text messages from my various swimming groups revealed that many other swimmers felt the same and soon we were all gathered at the Albany Bulb under gray and dripping skies.

It’s always easier to do something questionable when a crowd is willing to do it with you. 

The bay was extraordinarily calm this morning; a matte mirror in a blurry haze of gray. The point at which sky met water was nearly undetectable; just a slight change in tone and texture.

The water felt very cold. My thermometer read 51, but we all agreed that it felt colder. Maybe one day away is enough to de-acclimate us all a little? Soon, I felt great, though. Sheila and I stuck together, trailing the crowd as we do. I saw the seal as we were getting in, but he made himself scarce after that. 

We swam for a half hour and then changed at our cars because the rain was still falling lightly; a misty spray that added to the overall effect of peaceful, quiet, cocoon of gray. 

One thought on “Drizzly (Day 337)

  1. Nice one love I’ll figure out the women’s pool Sunday

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