Majestic Sunrise (Day 342)

It’s kind of crazy that I haven’t posted this amazing swim yet. I got behind because it was the same day I left for Bakersfield, and I’m only getting back to it now. But, wow. What a beautiful swim it was!

Sheila, Arwen, Kim, and I met at the Albany Bulb at 6:30. Right from the start, we could see it would be a beautiful sunrise. Colors were already splashing out across the sky to the east and, on the other side, the full moon was slipping in and out of the clouds as it moved below the horizon.

The water was calm, rippling out in colorful ribbons of silk, metallic hues that constantly changed as the sunrise grew deeper and brighter. Above us, the clouds splashed out in speckled, multi-colored patterns across the sky. I took so many pictures. I couldn’t help it; every time I looked, it had become even more beautiful. 

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