Peaceful Swim (Day 347)

I had to scrape a thick layer of ice off my car window before I could set off on my swim this morning. I nestled into my swim robe and dreaded the cold ahead of me. But when I met up with Arwen at the Albany Bulb, the sun was shining in a nearly-cloudless sky and the bay was a shimmering bowl of calm.

Cold calm. It was 49 degrees today; our first time dipping below 50 this winter (I think). Once we got past the pain of entry, it was glorious. The water felt especially peaceful; slightly rippling ribbons of blue and gold that carried us along under the brilliant sky.

I relaxed into the lulling, comforting weight of the water and watched the birds dive and swoosh. I marveled at the way a swimmer (Arwen), cutting through the still water, cast ripples that spread out for ages.

We saw the seal (I forgot to say I saw it yesterday as well) and Arwen, as unconcerned as can be, said, “There’s the seal” and I, equally unfazed said, “Oh yeah.” When I think of the two of us last year, screeching, hearts pounding, racing toward shore as if we could outswim a marine mammal, I’m amazed at how far we’ve come.

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