Off to Essex (Day 357)

Today was another travel day; we left London by tube, train, bus, then rental car to go to Kevin’s sister’s house in Essex. Before we left, I went for a quick dip in the Golden Lane pool assuming I wouldn’t get another chance. It was a dark, rainy morning and I got nearly as wet walking over there as I did in the pool. 

By 2:00 we were at Sandra and Phil’s house in Bradfield, surrounded by fields of the greenest green imaginable. After a quick cup of tea, we went for a walk and when Phil mentioned there was a beach nearby, I brought my swimming gear. We wound our way through their lovely village and down a path to the River Stour. Dramatic clouds and a beautiful rainbow hung over us.

The tide was quite low, the water far away, but the ground seemed firm enough so I stripped down to my bathing suit and booties and trekked across the mud flats.

Soon the ground was much less firm. I kept going; the shimmering water was calling to me, but when I sunk in past my ankles with a hundred yards left to go, I decided I had to turn back.

No second swim for me today, but I have seven days left in this beautiful place so I will definitely return to the River Stour when the tide is higher.

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