Christmas Swim in the River Stour (Day 359)

I had planned to go swim with the Bluetits in Dedham again, but the draw of staying in my PJs and watching my delightful grand niece, Eloise, open her Christmas presents and dance around the room, was too strong.

After lots of laughing and lounging, Sandra drove Kevin and me down to the River Stour where we’d walked on our first day here. This time, the tide was high enough for a swim.

Kevin working out the tides to see how early I could swim.

Here, the River Stour is a tidal estuary; we are only about seven miles from where it enters the North Sea in Harwich. 

It was a cloudy, gray day, but the river was peaceful and calm. I had to walk out a bit before it got deep enough to flop myself in. It felt colder than yesterday; I’d guess it was closer to 3 than 6, but since I don’t have my thermometer with me, I don’t know.

The tide was coming in, so perhaps it was that cold North Sea water flowing through. As always, once I was immersed for a couple of minutes, the energy from the cold pulsed through me and I felt wonderful.   

Even Kevin came in for a quick Christmas dip.

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