GoPro Fail (Day 8)

Back to the Marina for a mid-day swim, this time with Angie and Kim. It was a gloriously sunny day and the tide was very low (the bottom of the Marina is pure muck—you don’t want to put your feet down) so we swam enthusiastically, heading for H.S. Lordships (a now-defunct restaurant) and the magnificent view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge that we knew was waiting for us there. 

It didn’t disappoint. Here is a bad attempt (see explanation below) at capturing it.

The bridge and city are nowhere in sight, but trust me, they were there!

We agreed it felt colder today. Though when I got home and checked, it seemed like the water was 50.9 degrees and 50.7 yesterday, so I guess we were wrong. I say, “seemed like” because finding out the exact temperature of the part of the bay where you are swimming at the time you are swimming isn’t that easy. In any case, it was cold. Our hands felt like claws as we were swimming back.

I spent some time playing around with my GoPro today. I thought I had the basic idea, but it turns out I took hundreds and hundreds (I’m not exaggerating) of pictures of my legs underwater.

And a few of my arms.

And hand???

I managed a few of us and the marina, but none of them very good. My fantasy of taking gorgeous swimming pictures fueled by the open water swimming Facebook groups I follow, are not panning out just yet.

I promise I’m much happier than I look at this moment.
Angie reacting to the cold or muck?
I have no idea what that white thing shooting up into the sky is. I swear it wasn’t there when we were swimming,

Clearly, I have a lot to learn. Luckily I’ve got 356 days left to practice.

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