Celebrating (Day 9)

I’ve spent the day buzzing with the particular kind of warm happiness that comes from being showered in kindness. Angie and Arwen organized a birthday swim celebration for me and it was fantastic.

Old friends and new friends (and a few folks who just gamely joined in) gathered to swim and then eat treats (so many good treats!) and drink coffee.

Edy–who celebrated her 70th with a swim a few months ago–made me a crown!

My friend, Mary Kate, came in her amazing vintage bathing suit!

And my dear friend, Charlotte, came for her second Albany Bulb swim (I think she’s a convert). In solidarity with Mary Kate and Charlotte, Arwen and I went skins today, too.

Colleen painted me this beautiful seal to help me conquer my seal fears and gifted me that most precious post-swim item that I was missing: a bucket so that I can stand in warm water and thaw out.

It was a special morning and I feel very lucky.

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