Chasing the Moon (Day 48)

The conditions were ideal for a full moon night swim last night. A balmy, light breeze ushered us down to Keller where the tide was ultra-low and the city lights twinkled in the distance across the dark bay. Arwen, Colleen, Sheila, and I met on the beach in giddy excitement. Swimming in the dark is a special experience; one I usually only get to enjoy at the lake in the summer. There’s something about being surrounded by water and dark sky that makes me feel inexplicably more alive; full of possibility. 

Colleen’s photo of us getting in, our buoys aglow; the city glistening in the distance

The moon was just rising as we were swimming; each of us in our own pool of silvery moonlight as if it was shining down on us alone. We had already swum earlier in the day and so I didn’t feel compelled to go fast or far (do I ever?) and mostly just soaked in that magical light, buoyed by the quiet dark water.

Having witnessed the full moon’s rise, we then got up early to watch her setting as the sun came up.

We swapped out Arwen for Angie (Arwen having to work this morning; Angie having missed last night’s swim for work) and swam at the bulb this time. A whole different kind of magic unfolded. It was dark when we arrived, the bright orb of the moon glowing across the bay; the Golden Gate Bridge twinkling beside it and the city alight beside the bridge. The air was cooler than last night, but it was still and the water was calm. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

As we swam, the colors changed by the minute. The sky behind us slowly brightening as the sun rose; the moon dipping lower on the horizon. Soon we were swimming in ribbons of silver and gold. The birds woke up with the light and we were treated to a congregation of egrets flying low. 

Honestly, it was difficult to do anything but watch the spectacle of daybreak unfurl in front of my eyes. I gasped and swooned; I took lots of pictures. I did not swim very vigorously and after forty minutes, I was extremely cold. Reluctantly, I dragged myself out of the silky water and went through the long process of warming up again, tingling with the joy of the last twelve hours. I’m pretty sure I’ve been infused with some kind of magic moon elixir and I’m expecting great things from myself today. 

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