Just Another Day of Soft Blues (Day 49)

I waited all day to post my morning swim and now it seems like a long time ago. 

It’s a gorgeous long weekend and with Kevin in England for three weeks and Hazel a busy teenager, I’m trying not to feel lonely and sorry for myself by seizing this opportunity to get lots of writing done this weekend. So I made myself focus on my novel all day and leave the blog until the end. But then Arwen and Jorge plucked me from my loneliness with pizza and drinks and I’m getting to my blog even later than planned. 

All I can say is that it was a calm, silky swim in the bay this morning; all pinks and soft blues; barely a ripple. I swam with Collen and Angie after my Lift and Sprint class, so I was ready for the fresh cold water when I arrived at the bulb. Sheila is off to New York for a week and when we saw a plane taking off from SFO we imagined it was her and waved.

Towards the end of our swim, we saw a seal and, despite Collen’s best efforts to beckon it over, it swam away (much to my and Angie’s relief). I tried to take a picture of the seal, but it had already dipped back under the water.

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