My 50th Swim! (Day 50)

It’s my fiftieth swim!

My fiftieth swim on my swimming quest in honor of my fiftieth birthday.

It seems like I should have celebrated this milestone somehow, but instead, I am only just realizing its significance as I sit down to write. Isn’t that often the way?

Maybe it’s as it should be. It’s in the everydayness of swimming that this journey I’m on gathers up its meaning. The regularity. The sameness. These past fifty days I’ve swum in some truly spectacular places, but most of the time I am basking in the beauty of my own backyard (which is a pretty spectacular backyard). 

More than half of my fifty days of swimming have been at the Albany Bulb and so it seems fitting that today I swam there as well. Sometimes I feel like it’s boring to continually take pictures of the same place day in and day out, but each time I’m in this water, it feels a little different; each time I’m compelled to try and capture something it seems I’ve never seen before; some strand of color in the ripples on the water; some shaft of light falling across the happy faces of my swimming friends. 

Today was calm and smooth, the water lightly rippling with the soft colors of early day. The water was cold but the sun was warm. Collen, Arwen, and I swam together, but since it was a Saturday, there were many other swimmers out. Despite the cold, we swam for a long time and nearly made it to the big tree. 

Swimming every day has simultaneously infused the mundane routine of my life with a new, joyful habit, while also illuminating the ways in which the mundane everyday can be remarkable and awe-inspiring if I take the time to soak it all in. 

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