Roller Coaster (Day 51)

It was wild and wavy today. The water was a collage of greens (I promise this was true–even if my pictures are a study in gray), the clouds heavy and dark. The wind whipped. Because it was a Sunday, there were many swimmers gathering at the bulb and we all stared at that water in slight trepidation and total amazement that it can change so radically from one day to the next.

The big tree this morning
The big tree yesterday morning

Arwen, Colleen, and I went in together again this morning and we didn’t hesitate to throw our bodies into the shallow cold. With the intimidating chop and wind, we knew we had to plunge in, that hesitating would only make it harder. 

Once I started swimming I had so much fun. When the water churns and rolls like that it feels like being on a roller coaster, a sensation intensified by swimming with my eyes closed. I stopped wearing goggles a few months ago because I was constantly battling with fogging and leaking and I don’t really need them in the bay (I wear them in the pool). Swimming with closed eyes while riding the tumultuous surf is kind of like being tossed around on Space Mountain. I mean, probably not exactly, but it makes me think of Space Mountain–the way your body gets thrillingly jerked in one direction, then the next as you are hurtling through darkness.

And I didn’t even have to wait in line. 

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