Technical Difficulties (Day 52)

My phone died yesterday and I stayed up late last night trying to figure out how to fix it. Then I woke up early and tried some more. Hazel and I had a plan to swim together later in the day at the pool and so I was going to skip my morning bay swim, but after a couple of hours of utter frustration, I knew I needed it. Luckily Colleen was swimming this morning and so I had a buddy. 

Colleen swimming to the Golden Gate

Again, it was an entirely different day from yesterday, which was itself completely unlike the day before. Yesterday’s wind blew away all of the smog and haze and the city was crystal clear. It always seems so much closer on days like this, each detail vivid and sharp. When we arrived, the bay was calm near us, but we could see some churning action in the distance, and by the time we were headed back the wind had picked up.


I wore my flippers today and it was fun to be able to go a little faster and further. Depending on point of view, I think we made it to the big tree today. I worked hard and felt good.


So good that I nearly forgot my technological woes. 

Back home I remembered them. I spent another hour messing around and then took my phone to the Apple Store genius bar where, after another hour, I learned what I didn’t need a genius to tell me: the phone is kaput. Mr. Genius man reassured me that I’d had the phone since 2019 so it really wasn’t so bad and the old lady that I guess I am snapped back that 2019 was yesterday! Why don’t things last anymore? It’s so incredibly frustrating to me as a consumer of expensive shit and, more so, as a citizen of a planet in crisis. The resources that are squandered so we can buy new phones every couple of years sickens me and I hate that I feel like I have to participate (we should all check out my friend Tyler’s blog for inspiration on how not to participate).

Luckily, I had another swim to look forward to. Hazel and I went to the pool and swam laps before her lifeguarding shift started. She zipped past me in our shared lane and I let the steady rhythm of my breath wash away some of my angst. 

It was a good day for two swims. 

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