Angel Island (Day 58)

Kevin returned from three weeks in England while Hazel and I were at the mountain bike race and today we headed down to the marina for a lovely day of sailing. Our friend Johnny came, too, which made it an even better day of sailing for me because I didn’t have to do any of the actual work of sailing, which is my favorite way to sail.

I sat idly by while they pulled ropes, tied knots, talked winds and tides, and did all the other sailor-y stuff. I basked in the sunshine, reading my book, and taking in the gorgeous view. 

We sailed over to Angel Island for my swim, anchoring on the leeward side where there’s an inviting sandy beach and protection from the wind.

The sailboat can’t get too close to shore, though; especially not today because we were heading into a very low tide. It wasn’t very far to swim to shore, but as soon as I got in the water, I realized that would not be happening. The current was incredibly strong. Holding onto the ladder, my legs rushed out from under me.

Kevin rigged up ropes for me to hold and then a really long rope to tie around my waist so I could swim without worrying about being swept into the middle of the San Francisco Bay. I would swim with all my might just to get to the end of the boat and then, the minute I stopped trying, the water rushed me back the other way. It was actually a lot of work–like one of those resistance pools Olympians train in (at least in my imagination…I have no idea how Olympians train. As you can see from the video below I’m no Olympian!). In any case, it wasn’t a traditional swim, but it was a lot of fun. 

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