Low Tide at the Marina (Day 59)

My Monday swims are always a bit up in the air. I have my Lift & Sprint class in the morning and while on the other mornings I have my class (Wednesday and Friday), I like to go straight from class to the bulb for a quick swim, Monday mornings are reserved for Hazel. Her high school starts late on Mondays and we splurge on a delicious breakfast out. It’s a wonderful way to start the week, but it means I miss my morning swim crew. So far it’s always worked out to find something else and today I lucked into an afternoon swim with Arwen at the Berkeley Marina. 

The tide was as low as it gets and so we trudged through the muck at Hs. Lordships, which is the best entry point I know of around here during extreme low tides.

The water felt gorgeous; cool and fresh, but warmer than it’s been in a while. It was a cloudless, sunny day with only the slightest breeze. Energy swirled in the water, but the waves weren’t too big. We wanted to swim to the pier and nearly made it, but when we started to get a bit cold we headed back.

On our return, the currents were in our favor and we flew back. So we probably could have made it all the way, but as Arwen said, it gives us something to look forward to next time.

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