Play (Day 61)

It was foggy at the bulb this morning. I love the fog. I think I’ve already sung its praises on this blog, so I won’t repeat myself except to say that I was extra happy about my swim when I stepped out into the muffled stillness of the foggy morning. 

Angie and Charlotte were my crew this morning. We arrived as the 8 am crowd was leaving and stopped to chat with them as we got ready. Susan mentioned that she’d seen a group of women running earlier and they made her think of us because they were laughing and playing while they ran. I took that as a big compliment and it made me think about how much swimming does feel playful to me.  

I had already been thinking about this at my Lift and Spring class earlier this morning. Today we did a lot of skipping and I was struck by how immediately gleeful I feel the minute my body starts to skip; the happy little hop up in the air, the swinging arms, the flying forward. Even when I’m doing it for exercise, like I was today, even when it’s hard, I feel joyful and silly when I skip. My heart expands a little, a smile creeps over my face.

This is how swimming is. Swimming has always meant fun to me. I grew up near the beaches of Southern California, frolicking in the surf or doing handstands in the pool. My brother, cousin, and I wiled away our summers at our grandparents’ lake house in New Hampshire where we wore the same saggy bathing suits for weeks on end.

My Aunt Foof, me, my brother, Erik, and cousin, Christina, in Rindge, NH in the late 70s sometime.
(Sorry for the terrible quality, but I think it captures our saggy swimsuits.)

As soon as I immerse my body in water, that sense of playfulness and fun returns to me. I want to do somersaults and pretend I’m a mermaid; flip my hair and sink to the bottom for an underwater tea party. Even if I’m swimming hard, the underlying thrill of being in the water is always there.

Today I did not swim hard. Today I glided through that thick fog like I was on an enchanted lake somewhere, swishing and swirling and taking lots of pictures of the same gradations of gray because it all seemed so magical. 

This photo has nothing to do with today’s post, but I found it while I was looking for a lake photo, and just look how happy I am in that inflatable pool! (1972)

2 thoughts on “Play (Day 61)

  1. Look at that cutie baby!!! Oh, and the sound of the video is amazing, love the water, the train… I can even hear the fog


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