Stormy (Day 62)

Our most substantial storm in weeks arrived this morning. I was hoping for a rainy swim, which we didn’t get, but the clouds were stunning and the waves rollicking. 

Colleen, Angie, Kim, and I went out today. The coldest part was running through the wind to the bay in our bathing suits. Once there, the water felt welcoming, despite the green-gray waves. It continues to be warmer—57 degrees according to Colleen’s new thermometer (she bought each of us one, too!). Getting into 57-degree water feels easy; no knives up my wrists or icy shards in my neck. 57 feels fresh and cold enough for an adrenaline rush without the pain of those first minutes in colder temperatures. 

The waves were all over the place, without rhythm, just chaotic splashing, and cresting, dipping, and rolling. It was fun. It was a wild departure from yesterday’s glassy calm. I do love the roller coaster swims. All of my swims stay with me all day long, but these wild days especially do: As I sit here writing, my body continues to hold onto the up and down motion of the waves. 

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