Dark clouds, little rain (Day 63)

It was another gray day with spectacular clouds, full of drama but not much action.

Hoping for the deluge we desperately need, I optimistically signed up for a slot at the pool before I went to bed last night, but it wasn’t necessary. We had a little bit of rain through the night, but not enough to cause a big runoff of pollution into the bay. I was glad to get in the bay even if it meant we didn’t get the rain we needed. Both things can be true, right? I’m grateful I got to open water swim and simultaneously sorry I wasn’t kept out by a downpour.

In any case, the clouds were spectacular even if they greedily held onto the rain they looked like they were heavy with. The water seemed significantly colder than yesterday, though the thermometers said there was only a one-degree difference. The disconnect between what my body experiences and what the thermometer says confounds me sometimes. As does the general fluctuation in water temperature. Twice now I’ve wasted hours of my life googling what factors contribute to water temperatures in the bay and can’t really find good resources. I’m sure there are plenty (and if you know of them, please send them along) but I’ve not found them. 

It was just Angie and me today. We went after my Lift and Sprint class and the 8 am swimmers were getting out as we were getting in. More than usual it felt like we were alone in the wide expanse of the bay. The water was calmer today, rippling silver and green. Since I lifted heavy bells in my class this morning, I took it easy on my arms for my swim: I wore my flippers and kicked happily along, chatting with Angie and soaking in the beauty of the bay.


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